Company Profile

Sichim Alfa is one of the main manufacturers of chemical additives for steel industry, more precisely of water-based graphite lubricants for mandrel bar and of deoxidizer agents for shells for hot rolling process of seamless steel pipes production.

Sichim Alfa's water-based graphite lubricants have replaced the oil / grease-based lubricants used in the past, an important step in terms of environmental protection.
This innovation is a competitive advantage for Sichim Alfa and has provided the company with more visibility on a worldwide basis.

In the past few years, Sichim Alfa has successfully invested in the studying, the planning and the execution of the application plants for its own products.

The company's attention and sensitivity with regards to the environment have led it to study, design and execute systems for the treatment of graphite waste water.

Sichim Alfa's know-how and technology comprise more than 30 years of experience in the science of chemical additives for steel industry and of service in the industry of hot rolling process of seamless steel pipes.

A modern company that wishes to base its growth on innovation, on respect for the environment, improving its existing products and developing new ones, as well as new application technologies for the steel market.